It's Time For Good Manners-this spring's book giveaway

This spring and Good Manners Kids' Stuff Press is teaming up again and giving away It's Time for Good Manners! by Leslie Susskind. I am a huge advocate for good manners for people of all ages. But I specifically love to see them in children. My two year old son is a very typical boy, active, strong willed and smart. He has learned to use his utensils, sit at the dinner or restaurant table and make conversation with his sister and Mom and Dad and he clears his plate and cup after asking to be excused. My daughter learned these manners at a similar age too....more

Leslie Susskind is also the author of the book I recently reviewed, The Kids Book of Good Sportsmanship. It’s Time For Good Manners is an interactive book involving both the adult reading the book and the child listening. It intertwines learning to tell time and learning good manners and makes it fun. My 4 year old daughter enjoyed going through the book although not at one sitting. I think this book is best geared for kids over 5 years old as it is very detailed and longer than a more traditional book. My daughter and I read a few pages each night and revisit it from time to time. The last few pages of the book allow your child to practice drawing in the times on the clocks.
Teaching your child good manners can come via books, your example and repletion. I can’t tell you how many times I have reminded my children to say please, thank you, clear their plates, apologize, offer a sincere hello and goodbye, etc. But just when you think you are done with the constant reminders, it sinks in and they impress you or another adult with their good manners. It is a great feeling to be told by another adult that your children have nice manners. For me it has always been about teaching my children how to feel comfortable in a social setting and I think good manners go a long way in making that a reality.

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Yay! A fun manners book!

We have been looking for a good manners book for younger kids and really liked Susskind's Good Sportsmanship book. I think I'm going to buy one for our house now. Thank you!!

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